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Many people have helped contribute to this game's progress. People who have helped with graphics, scripts, ideas, and more are listed here.

Main CreditsEdit

Nintendo and Gamefreak : Pokemon

Enterbrain : RPG Maker XP

Flameguru, Poccil, and Maruno : Pokemon Essentials

Special ThanksEdit

LostSoulsDev/Carmaniac : Teaching me how to Script in RMXP

LukaSJ : Answering Questions about Scripting and giving great advice/feedback

Maruno : Answering my countless questions

Everyone on PokeCommunity : Answering my countless questions


Nintendo and Gamefreak : Original Pokemon Music and Music from Heartgold and Soul Silver

Bengr35 : Custom OST

SUPERmegaPIEman : Custom OST


Elaynii : Main Logo

NikNaks : Region Map

Pikachumazzinga : Gym Leader Sprites

P-Sign : .gif Battlers

Krovahlok : Spriter

MrSirBlueberry : Spriter

tebited15 : Pokemon HGSS Red Overworlds

Gabo200 : Pokemon Red Back Sprites

Kimba616 : HGSS Style Kris/Crystal Sprites

Gregarlink10 : HGSS Style Kris/Crystal Sprites

xXSapphireGaleXx : Overworld Sprite Inspiration/Palletes

xavs-pixels : VS Bar Graphics

spaceemotion : VS Bar Graphics

MasterYamViin : VS Bar Graphics

WarioSuperStar : VS Bar Graphics

GreenWithAwesome : Kris VS Sprite

shiritsuskorone : Paul VS Sprite

itherealpikachuv2.deviantart : Red VS Sprite


Rayquaza. : Multiple Autotiles including Pond, Ocean, Lava, Lake

WilliamGJ : Waterfall

Hek El Grande : Waterfall and Floating Stones


KyleDov : Various Tiles

Alucus : Various Tiles

Chimcharsfireworkd : Various Tiles

ThatsSoWitty : Various Tiles

Hek El Grande : Various Tiles

GeoisEvil : Various Tiles

Thurpok : Various Tiles

SytheXP : Various Tiles

CallMeGav : Various Tiles

Rayquaza. : Various Tiles

LostSoulsDev/Carmaniac : Various Tiles

Heavy-Metal-Lover : Various Tiles

WesleyFG : Various Tiles

UltimateTraveler : Various Tiles

Minorthreat0987 : Various Tiles

babydialga : Various Tiles

DarkDragonn : Various Tiles

UltimoSpriter : Various Tiles

TyranitarDark : Various Tiles

DaNerdyDude : Various Tiles

NSora-96 : Various Tiles

DonLawride : Various Tiles

turtwig2 : Various Tiles

BoOmxBIG : Various Tiles

Light-PA : Various Tiles

Midnitez-Remix : Various Tiles

Skillmen : Various Tiles


Help-14 : Following Pokemon

Zingzangs : Following Pokemon

Rick1234 : Following Pokemon

Venom12 : Pause Menu, Level Adjustment, and Gender Select

LostSoulsDev/Carmaniac : Pause Menu, Load Menu, Location Signpost, and Speech Bubbles

LukaSJ : VS Scene

FL : Pokemon Selection, and HUD, and DayCareCheck

Ho-Oh 112 : Mystery Gift

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