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New downloads are up! These WILL NOT CRASH! Enjoy. I'm working on getting a better way of sharing the Mac version still. I apologize if you are having trouble working it right now. 

If you find any bugs in the Beta, report them in the comments of Help and Support . Don't report a known bug.

PC Downloads

Beta 1.1

August 20th, 2013 

The first official release of Pokémon Melanite, containing the first 2 gyms, and over 4 hours of gameplay. Make sure to put the extracted folder on your DESKTOP. Once everything is installed you can put it wherever you like.

Beta 1.3.0

July 1st, 2014

The second official release of Pokémon Melanite, which is actually more of a re-release, as no new content story wise has been added. This is the new public beta with dozens of new features and improvements.

July 2nd, 2014

Bug Fix Patch Available 1.3.1

Mac Downloads

Beta 1.1                     

August 20th, 2013 

The first official release of Pokémon Melanite, containing the first 2 gyms, and over 4 hours of gameplay. If you are having trouble running the game, follow these steps. I apologize for making this more complicated than it needed to be. I didn't realize the game package wouldn't stay together correctly. Wineskin Winery Download

  1. Download the Mac version found here.

  2. After extracting the downloaded file, navigate to it in Finder. Right click on the file "PokÇmon Melanite" and select "Show Package Contents."

  3. Navigate to the folder Contents -> Resources -> drive_c -> PokÇmon Melanite.

  4. Create a new folder on your desktop (I just called mine Melanite).

  5. COPY everything in the folder "PokÇmon Melanite" into this new folder.

  6. Follow the steps provided above by /u/lcanipe below:

  1. open Wineskin Winery.
  2. you should be looking at a narrow window with installed engines and below that Wrapper Version
  3. Make sure you are up to date!
  4. Click "Create New Blank Wrapper"
  5. "Pokémon Melanite" .app is what i chose to name mine. you can really name it what ever you want. then click OK. Its going to take a few minutes to set everything up for wineskin, and then you will be prompted about MONO and GECKO, you need neither, just click cancel on them both.
  6. once all that is done, you will get a popup, "Wrapper Creation Finished" choose, "View wrapper in Finder"
  7. go ahead and double click on it which will open a menu box.
  8. Choose "Install Software"
  9. You are going to choose "Move a Folder Inside"
  10. Select the folder that you created on your desktop and it will move it. It should have a popup that asks you if you want to use game.exe, select yes.
  11. CONGRATS! You should be good to go! the first time you open the game, it will install the fonts, go ahead and let it restart and ALAKAZAM!

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