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Route 1 is a short, straight route connecting Lily Town and Novum Town.



Route 1 is located towards the center of Zela, just east of Lily Town and north of Novum Town. Three Trainers and one NPC are on this route, as well as the first Berry Trees found in the game. Notable areas on Route 1 include the river with stepping stones and the waterfall. The NPC is a clerk from the PokéMart, who will give the player a free Potion.


Encounter Type Pokémon Level Rarity Time
Grass Zigzagoon 2-4 30% Day
Grass Rattata 2-4 30% Night
Grass Starly 2-4 30% Day
Grass Hoothoot 2-4 30% Night
Grass Lotad 2-4 30% Any
Grass Ralts 2-4 10% Day
Grass Abra 2-4 10% Night
Fishing (Old Rod) Magikarp 4-7 70% Any
Fishing (Old Rod) Psyduck 4-7 30% Any


Item Location HM Needed?
Pokéball Far southeastern end -
Potion PokéMart Clerk -
Super Potion On eastern edge of the second small pond Surf
Leaf Stone On northern edge of the first small pond Surf


Location Direction Connection Type
Lily Town West -
Novum Town South -

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